caramel tones

Meet this beautiful soul who came in for a complete transformation. We decided to go with a bobcut and put in some demensional lights. this is the after :)

Before and After

before and after blondes :)


This was a fun one :) 12hr process but she was warned! lol. after color removal and taking her platinum blonde (which I was able to do with #colorphlex & #Truss) this was the final result :)

Color correction

Color correction transformation

Transformation Cut and Color

Beautiful Haircut and Balayage :)

DIY Haircut gone wrong

This client decided to play hairdresser and cut her own hair. The final look after cut and color.

Color correction

this client came to me with a very strong brassy base color. wanting to go back blonde. We did roots, highlights and toner.

Color Correction

Welcome to my first post! So happens to be a color correction. This client came to me because she accidentally turned her hair green. We did highlights, root touch up and toner. Keratin Complex keratin smoothing treatment for her ends because they were very porous and a haircut.